Celebrating the McDonald's brand and its iconic logo

A lot of the McDonald’s success can be credited to Ray Kroc. Raymond Albert Kroc was an American entrepreneur who jumped into the fast-food scene when he bought out McDonald’s from the original McDonald brothers back in 1961. Taking the helm as CEO from 1967 to 1973, Kroc was the driving force behind McDonald’s rapid global expansion. Thanks to his vision and leadership, McDonald’s soared to become the top dog in the fast-food world, raking in the highest revenue worldwide.

DESIGNRUSH.com gives us an article that dives into how the logo’s simple yet striking design plays a big role in making us recognize and crave McDonald’s. It’s fascinating how something so straightforward can become such a powerful symbol all around the globe

The McDonald’s Logo Shape Was Created To Get You Salivating.

This article discusses the significance and impact of the McDonald’s brand and its iconic logo, and being a Digital Marketing firm, we were particularly interested in how the logo’s design elements, such as the golden arches and the colors yellow and red, are analyzed for their psychological impact on consumers, particularly in triggering appetite and hunger. The article discusses how the logo’s simplicity and recognizability contribute to its effectiveness in branding, making it a powerful symbol.

Overall, we get to celebrate the enduring success and impact of McDonald’s as a fast-food giant and praises the strength, simplicity, and iconic nature of its logo design. It’s a necessary read for those who want to understand the power of branding.

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